Samuel G. Alderman, III

Macon attorney Sam AldermanI like helping folks. I like trying cases.

Those two statements pretty well describe me and the practice of law and I’m proud that I do a good job with both. My parents and family raised me to believe that we help others in need and my wife and I are raising our children with the same belief. As a firm, we share that belief in the way we take care of our clients… learn more

Eva K. Hutcherson

Macon attorney Eva HutchersonI grew up in a small town in South Georgia. I know how to fry chicken, I love pearls, and I smile at strangers. In small towns, we take pride in how we help one another. Being a lawyer is about helping people. I began talking about being a lawyer when I was about seven years old. Many years and a few milestones later, I reached that goal. I attended kindergarten and graduated high school with many of the same people… learn more