• family LAW
    Helping Families Forward.

    A brief list of a few areas of family law we handle are: divorce, child custody, child support, grandparent visitation and domestic violence.

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  • probate
    Representing Your Interests in Probate.

    Providing legal services for wills, estates, guardianships and probate.

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  • personal INJURY
    Protecting individuals and families.

    Handling injury, accident and malpractice claims in Macon, Georgia.

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3318 Vineville Ave., Macon GA

Alderman & Hutcherson is a true general practice litigation firm.

We handle many different kinds of cases. If you have to go to court, most likely, we can handle it…and handle it well. We pride ourselves representing clients with all sorts of issues. Whether it is personal injury or malpractice; whether it is a family law matter or complex litigation involving a

corporation or small business, we have the experience and dedication to represent our clients consistently and effectively. Our goal is always to help in the most expedient and cost-efficient way possible. How can we help you?

samuel g. alderman, III managing partner

I like helping folks. I like trying cases. Those two statements pretty well describe me and the practice of law and I’m proud that I do a good job with both. I’ve represented major corporations, churches, mom and pop businesses, local governments and even my next door neighbor. Each one of them is my most important client.

eva k. hutcherson attorney, partner

Being a lawyer is about helping people. I began talking about being a lawyer when I was about seven years old. Many years and a few milestones later, I reached that goal. Whether is it in a personal injury, family law or criminal case, I am honored to represent my client and I never lose sight of the fact that my client has entrusted their case and their well-being with me.


Macon Georgia Law Office
Our philosophy can be summed up with three words: EXPERIENCED. DRIVEN. EFFECTIVE.

Alderman & Hutcherson, LLC is, by choice, a small firm but we pack a big punch. As President Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick — you will go far.” We don’t make promises we can’t keep and you won’t see us on television or hear us on the radio telling you how great we are. We let our successes in and out of the courtroom speak for themselves.

We are a small law firm by design and we like it that way. Our goal is to help people, whether it is with a property dispute or the death of a loved one. We handle all types of cases and are proud to be a true general practice firm. If you have a problem, contact us and let’s talk about your best next steps.

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practice areas

probate & estates

The Probate Court in Georgia performs many roles. Some of these roles include administering and supervising the handling of estates (the proper disposition of assets and debts of the deceased, whether or not there is a will) and deciding if individuals are no longer capable of caring for themselves and, if so, how they should be helped.

personal injury & accidents

Every day across Georgia, people are injured due to the negligence of others. They were living their lives, when, in the blink of an eye, a car ran a red light, a slippery step caused a fall or a piece of machinery broke. We investigate, negotiate with insurance companies and, if an agreement can’t be reached, litigate cases in court.